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Texas Instruments Data Converters (THS12082/DAC7821) AD/DA Daughter Board

The D.Module2.ADDA8M12 is based on the Texas Instruments data converters THS12082 and DAC7821. The analog front end simultaneously digitizes two single-ended voltage inputs with 12-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 8Msps. The two DAC outputs also deliver 12-bit resolution. Fifo-buffering simplifies the DSP interface.
≫ AD Converter - 2 x THS12082, 12 bit resolution, 8 MSPS
≫ DA Converter - 2 x DAC7821, 12 bit resolution, 200ns settling time
≫ Analog Inputs - 2 single-ended
≫ Analog Outputs - 2 single-ended
≫ AD Sampling - simultaneous sampling, programmable sampling clock: 1,2,4, or 8MHz internal, triggered by DSP timer, or externally supplied conversion start
≫ DSP Interface(parallel) - 32-bit data bus, 4 jumper-selectable base addressess, 2 programmable interrupts
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