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TORNADO-PX/DDC(R) Digital Radio Coprocessors/Controllers

TORNADO Digital Radio Controllers from MicroLAB Systems are designed for real-time multi-channel RF-signal processing with on-board DSP and feature unique combination of accuracy, performance and system integration capabilities. They can be used either as stand-alone embedded controllers with built-in external host communication interfaces and powered from a single wide range power supply, or can be a part of integrated system installed onto and hosted by either TORNADO-E2 DSP controllers or TORNADO-HCX host communication controllers. Finally, the number of synchronously processed RF channels can be easily increased by means of synchronization links across several boards.

TORNADO Digital Radio Controllers use TI C6xxx DSP and TI/Graychip digital-down converters (DDC) for RF-signal processing. They come with comprehensive software utilities and ready-to-run demo samples.
≫ multi-channel RF input
≫ multi-channel TI/Graychip DDC with FIFO and data streams switch
≫ TI C6xxx DSP with on-board RAM and FLASH memories
≫ 480 Mbit/s USB 2.0 device interface for host PC communication
≫ 384 kBaud UARTs with RS232C interfaces
≫ multi-channel DAC and synchronous serial output ports for external receiver control
≫ host 533 Mbyte/s PIOX2 32-bit parallel DCM site interface or host 533 Mbyte/s 32-bit HCX DCM site interface for external host board control
≫ system μ-controller (MC) with on-board power supply control, board and external temperature monitoring, on-board and chassis fans control, remote power-supply control, NvRAM and EEPROM areas, and more...
≫ JTAG port for DSP debugging via MicroLAB Systems MIRAGE-Nxx or TI XDS JTAG emulators
≫ compact either PIOX2 or industry standard 3U form-factor
≫ comprehensive software utilities and ready-to-run demo samples
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