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TORNADO-HCX(R) Host Communication Controllers

TORNADO-HCX series of host & communication controllers add powerful hosting and communication capabilities to TORNADO-E2 DSP controllers and TORNADO Digital Radio Controllers and unload their on-board DSP from routine external communication and networking tasks and to add data post-processing and mass storage capabilities. Very compact board design, industry standard communication interfaces, high-performance external I/O expansion capabilities, and comprehensive software bundle make TORNADO-HCX controllers an ideal selection for embedding into virtually any custom industrial and telecom designs.
≫ Freescale PowerQUICC CPU
≫ up to 2 Gbyte DDR and 64 MByte FLASH
≫ 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports
≫ 480 Mbit/s USB 2.0 host/device interfaces
≫ 384 kBaud UARTs with RS232C interfaces
≫ SPI and I2C ports
≫ general purpose I/O (GPIO)
≫ 533 Mbyte/s PIOX2 32-bit parallel DCM site interface for high-speed AD/DA/coprocessor expansion
≫ 533 Mbyte/s 32-bit parallel host (HCX) DCM site interface
≫ system μ-controller (MC) with on-board power supply control, board and external temperature monitoring, on-board and chassis fans control, remote power-supply control, battery back-up real-time clock/calendar (RTCC), programmable multi-event alarm, NvRAM and EEPROM areas, and more...
≫ JTAG port for CPU debugging via Freescale JTAG USB JTAG emulator
≫ compact form-factor
≫ Linux ready
≫ simple and fast FreeRTOS kernel
≫ free TCP/IP stack and FAT32 file system support
≫ Express Logic ThreadX, NetX, FileX, USBX, TraceX RTOS port comes all-in-one library package with special pricing
≫ bare board utilities and ready-to-run demo samples
≫ Freescale CodeWarrior compiler/debug tools
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