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TORNADO-AZU+/FMC+® (4Q'2018)

AMC-modules with Xilinx Zynq SoC/MPSoC FPGA and FMC/FMC+ site

TORNADO-AZx/FMC are high performance AMC-modules with Xilinx Zynq SoC/MPSoC FPGA integrating multiple ARM processor cores, high density logic, high-speed interfaces (up to 100GbE) and FMC/FMC+ site for stand-alone and distributed TORNADO-MTCA® MicroTCA DSP systems and stand-alone/embedded applications.

TORNADO-AZx/FMC are unified, industry standard, well debugged and documented ARM+FPGA+FMC platforms minimizing total design time and final cost for end user applications.
≫ Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC EG FPGA (XCZU11EG, XCZU17EG, XCZU19EG) with six ARM® cores (PS), high density logic (PL) and two pools of 16Gbps and 28Gbps transceivers
≫ VITA 57.4-2018 FMC+ site for user adopted I/O with FMC/FMC+ HSPC/HPC/LPC submodule (160 I/O, 24x GBT 16Gbps) upon user application requirements (AD/DA, SFP+, QSFP+, RF, etc.)
≫ AMC Fabric-DEFG ports 4-7/8-11 for in-chassis AMC-to-AMC real-time data transfer using AMC.2 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE; AMC.4 Serial RapidIO (20Gbps, 50Gbps, 100Gbps); AMC.1 PCIe (32Gbps, 64Gbps, 128Gbps) protocols
≫ Optional support for AMC ports 12-15/17-20 (4x 38Gbps, "free" protocol) for high-speed in-chassis AMC-to-AMC real-time data transfer
≫ AMC Fabric-B ports 2-3 (AMC.3 6Gbps SATA/SAS ) for communication with adjacent HDD/SSD AMC-modules
≫ AMC Fabric-A 1GbE ports 0-1 from PS for remote device control and in-chassis AMC-to-AMC control communication
≫ Up to 8GB of PS 64-bit DDR4 memory
≫ Two PL 32-bit DDR4 memory banks (up to 4GB each)
≫ PS NOR FLASH memory for applications, data arrays and PL bitstreams
≫ Nonvolatile MRAM memory for critical PS application data
≫ Removable M.2 SSD SATA3 memory module (up to 2TB) for applications and data
≫ Front panel MicroSD card slot for applications and data
≫ Front-panel PS and PL controlled LEDs
≫ PL 8-bit FPGA XGPIO port for optional connection to external devices and debugging
≫ A variety of activation modes for FMC-submodule
≫ MMC controller with proprierity TAMMC® high-speed MMC-kernel from MicroLAB Systems, monitoring of power/temperature, and status indication for reliable and safe device operation
≫ PS and MMC UART ports for remote control and management
≫ Complies PICMG® 3.0 Rev.3.0, MicroTCA.0 R1.0, AMC.0 R2.0, IPMI 1.5, VITA® 57.1-2008 (R2010) specifications
≫ Stand-alone operation from +12V power supply for user embedded applications
≫ Commercial and industrial operating temperature ranges
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