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Expansion Board for the UniDAQ Data Acquisition System

The UniDAQ.EXP1 expands a UniDAQ system with an LCD TFT display and touch screen interface, SD memory card slot, and a battery-buffered real-time clock.

≫ Handheld measuring devices
≫ User interface for machine monitoring
≫ data logger
≫ battery-buffered and temperature-compensated real-time clock
≫ SD memory card slot
≫ LCD TFT display for Newhaven NHD-3.5-320240 displays
≫ I²C port for touchscreen, incremental encoders and keypads
Technical Information
Ordering Information
≫ UniDAQ.EXP1 : UniDAQ expansion card with LCD TFT display interface, SD card slot, battery-buffered real-time clock
≫ DK.UniDAQ.EXP1 : support package for UniDAQ.EXT1, including TFT-Display, support software, FAT file system, and free support via phone or e-mail
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