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UniDAQ Processor-Board UniDAQ2.DSP-ADDA

UniDAQ2 is a versatile data acquisition and processing system for industrial applications, scientific research and education.

16 simultanously sampled analog inputs with excellent performance and low latency make UniDAQ2 ideally suited for high-precision measurements of dynamic signals and control loops. Eight analog outputs control actuators, generate stimuli signals, references or monitor internal processing states.

Application Areas

≫ vibration analysis and machine monitoring
≫ acoustic measurements, microphone array processing
≫ servo control and positioning systems
≫ measuring devices for research, development, and test stands
≫ laboratory equipment for education classrooms
≫ 16 simultaneously sampling SAR A/D converters, 16-bit, 175kS/s
≫ 8 inherent monotonic D/A converters, 16-bit, 105kS/s
≫ internal or external sampling triggers for ADC and DAC
≫ 456 MHz floating-point DSP (TMS320C6747) with 64 Mbytes SDRAM
≫ USB2.0 Device Port and 100Base-T Fast Ethernet
≫ expansion port for mass storage, fieldbusses, display, GPIO, FPGA, etc.
≫ isolation barrier between analog and digital circuits
≫ single-supply power 5-18V, typ. 3W
Technical Information
Ordering Information
≫ UniDAQ2.DSP-ADDA : standard board
≫ DSW.UniDAQ : support software package for UniDAQ2.DSP-ADDA, including free support via phone or e-mail
≫ DK.UniDAQ2 : Complete stand alone UniDAQ2.DSP-ADDA development kit, including free support via phone or e-mail
≫ DS.TCPIP-UniDAQ2 : Ethernet development package
≫ UniDAQ.EXP1 : UniDAQ expansion board for LCD TFT display, SD memory card slot, battery-buffered real-time clock
≫ DK.UniDAQ.EXP1 : support package for UniDAQ.EXT1, including TFT display, support software, FAT file system, free support via phone or e-mail
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