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DSP Development (54)

100x100mm base board for D.Module2 evaluation

Rapid prototyping with D.SignT D.Module boards is made possible with the following carrier boards.

The Pmod™ connectors are used to connect low I/O pin count peripherals to the DSP board. By using Pmod™ peripherals (available from Digilent, Analog Devices, Maxim, and others), the DSP system is easily expanded with a display, keyboard, WiFi, low sampling rate A/D and D/A converters.
≫ Size 100 x 100 mm
≫ Digilent Pmod™ Compatible SPI/GPIO and I²C header
≫ Slot for SD card
≫ 1000Base-Tx RJ45 Ethernet jack
≫ USB Typ B connector
≫ 9-pin D-SUB connector for RS232
≫ Pushbuttons for Reset and Setup
≫ Power supply and test LED
≫ DIN41612 male connector for the external bus interface (16-bit)
≫ and McBSP ports (unmounted)
≫ D.Module2 slot for DSP and peripheral boards
≫ Jack for power supply 3,3V
≫ Integrated +/- 5V analog supply
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