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Rapid Prototyping Platform for D.Module2 and FMC Mezzanine Boards

Rapid prototyping with D.SignT D.Module boards is made possible with the following carrier boards.

The FMC slot allows rapid prototyping of high-speed data acquisition systems with FPGA and DSP processing. A variety of high-speed data converter boards and specialized functions like SDR frontends are available as FMC mezzanine cards.
≫ Euro-card 160 x 100mm
≫ 1000Base-T RJ45 Ethernet jack
≫ USB Typ B connector
≫ Cable-PCI/e connector
≫ Pushbuttons for Reset and Setup
≫ Power supply LEDs
≫ D.Module2 slot for DSP, FPGA and peripheral boards
≫ Vita.57 compliant FMC slot for a LPC FMC mezzanine card
≫ Jack and terminal connectors for power supply
≫ programmable onboard power supply for D.Module and FMC card
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