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TMS320C5502 eZdsp USB Stick-702362

Spectrum Digital eZdsp Starter Kits, TMS320C5502

Spectrum Digital eZdsp Starter Kits are an entry level solution for the C2000 and C5000 families of DSPs and controllers. The C2000 family is dedicated to motor control, servos and sensors. The C5000 processors are power-optimized and used for portable equipment.
≫ TMS320C5502 DSP
≫ 8M bytes SPI Flash, 8M bytes SDRAM
≫ TLV320AIC3204 stereo codec
≫ 10/100 Ethernet Controller with RJ45 interface
≫ OLED display
≫ fingerprint sensor
≫ Expansion edge connector and TI Wireless interface connector
≫ on-board emulation with USB interface
≫ Included test and evaluation license for the D.SignT TCP/IP network stack
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