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TORNADO AMC MMC Kernel Software Development Kit

Complete firmware solution for PICMG® AMC Module Management Controller (MMC), a mandatory AMC component
Meets IPMI 1.5, IPMB CPS v1.0, PICMG® 3.0 Rev.3.0 and AMC.0 R2.0 specifications
Dramatically shortens time to market for newly designed AMC
Brings up MMC firmware to a new level for re-designed AMC
Requires minimal to no knowledge of specifications
Royalty free
Robust, well structured, documented ‘C’ source code with detailed references to applicable specifications
Runs on low-cost, space saving Atmel 8-bit AVR XMEGA microcontrollers with only a few external components required
Extremely simple porting to user AMC hardware to meet different requirements of PICMG® 3.0 compatibility
Ready to go out of the box for minimal MMC functionality
Easily integrates into MMC microcontroller top-level complex management application with powerful system monitoring and management tasks, communication, etc
Based on robust, compact, truly royalty free, source code FreeRTOS® from Real Time Engineers Ltd (www.freertos.org)
Comes with a TAMMC® EVM for immediate learning and testing
Used on all AMC modules from MicroLAB Systems
≫ Organized as a set of non-blocking RTOS tasks
≫ Easily customized SDRs and FRU records
≫ Expandable set of AMC MMC compliant IPMI commands
≫ AMC event generation, BLUE LED and E-keying support
≫ Supports AMC Hot Swap sensor and minimum two temperature sensors with user added extra temperature sensors
≫ User added optional sensors (voltage, current, knobs, etc)
≫ Unified hardware mapped macros for porting to user hardware
≫ Debug messages (DM) and run-time notification messages (RTM) support to dump incoming/outgoing IPMI packets, display received IPMI commands and events, activity tracking, etc
≫ DM/RTM output either via TAMMC® Default Debug Console (DDC) or user provided calls to top-level remote console API
≫ Completely user configurable to include desired TAMMC® options via project specific configuration definitions
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