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XDS510 USB-701900

XDS510 USB JTAG Emulator

The XDS510USB is the JTAG in-circuit emulator of choice to debug the older Texas Instruments processors, which are no longer supported by XDS100, XDS200 and XDS560 class emulators. The XDS510 is also one of the few devices supporting the command-line tools for programming the on-chip flash memories of C24x and C28x family processors.
≫ USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible host interface
≫ USB bus-powered, no additional power-supply needed
≫ 14-pin TI JTAG target header
≫ Supported by Code Composer Studio Version 3 and higher
≫ Supports SDFlash programming tools
≫ 3.3 and 5V target voltage
≫ ETB Trace Buffer support on compatible processors
≫ USB cable
Technical Information
Ordering Information
≫ 701900 XDS510USB Emulator
≫ 701212 14-pin TI JTAG to 20-pin CTI adaptor
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