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RF-signal and High-speed Bitstream Data Recorders

TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 is a next generation multi-channel RF data recording/playback system with modular construction and extended capabilities from MicroLAB Systems. The TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 delivers outstanding flexibility for on-fly system reconfiguration, fast set-up, easy data stocking and high system and data storage reliability.

Two slots for plug-in analog I/O modules (AIOM) and two SFP+ ports at device backplane are available to immediately adapt to external RF signals and bitstream data source. Off-the-shelf analog I/O modules allow multi-channel data acquisition up to 250MSPS@16bits.

The TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 supports smart integration of up to four units into one "virtual" multi-channel and perfectly synchronized data acquisition system with up to 32Gbps of aggregative throughoutput performance.

Acquired data is stored in a high-capacity hot-swappable solid-state memory cartridge (SSMC). This delivers quick readiness to acquire next portion of real-time data and provides safe and convenient stocking of acquired data.
≫ Modular multi-channel recording/playback system for extended continuous RF and bitstream data
≫ 8Gbps real-time bandwidth (1GB/s)
≫ Data acquisition to "hot swappable" Solid State Memory Cartridge (SSMC)
≫ SSMC data transfer to external eSATA disks
≫ Quick selection of recorded source and playback output
≫ Multi-channel extension at a cost of dataword size reduction
≫ Multi-unit capability to increase number of channels while keeping dataword size
≫ ≪Stand-alone≫ capability with power down and time scheduled recording/playback events
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