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MEDIA & DSP Processing Blades : AMC Type

The SurfRider/AMC™ is a fully-integrated RoHS-compliant AMC DSP resource board providing flexible yet heavy-duty multimedia processing capabilities. Featuring Surf’s revolutionary patent-pending modular design and Open Framework approach, which allows seamless integration of userdefined and proprietary algorithms, the SurfRider/AMC meets IMS requirements and is the ideal choice for development of a wide range of carrier-grade telecom applications. It is field-proven, having already been implemented by a number of Tier-1 TEMs.
The SurfRider/AMC features the SurfDocker™, a modular plug-in that is designed to carry pairs of DSPs, including the latest and future members of Texas Instruments’ TMS320 C64x™ series. This paradigm allows population of different types of DSPs on each AMC carrier without modifying the application. Up to four SurfDocker modules can be plugged into a single SurfRider/AMC, for a total of eight DSPs per AMC board for maximum flexibility.
The SurfRider/AMC is provided with SurfUP™, Surf’s telecom-ready media processing software that allows proprietary applications to be embedded directly into the DSP framework. The SurfRider/AMC supports the standardsbased PICMG® SFP I-TDM protocol over Gigabit Ethernet for transporting audio, video, fax and modem traffic. This makes the SurfRider/AMC the perfect solution for ATCA and MicroTCA platforms in various types of systems.
In addition to telephony applications, the SurfRider/AMC DSP resource board can serve as a flexible, high-capacity, programmable platform for other processing-intense applications such as video processing, VoIP, cryptography, and medical imaging.

Target Applications

» Telecom Applications : IMS MRFP, Audio and Video Gateways, Media Servers, Packet-to-Packet Applications, Session Border Controllers, Remote Access Servers
» Military Applications : Cryptography, Lawful Interception
» Other DSP-intensive Applications : Image processing, Video processing
» PCI Express (PCIe) form-factor DSP farm with 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports and CT bus
» Complete media processing package for audio, video, modem and fax
» Flexible and scalable modular design supporting up to 8 TI C64x™ DSPs on board
» Enterprise-grade, field-proven and cost-effective solution saving resources and reducing R&D efforts
» Dedicated customer service, ensuring fastest time-to-market
» Built–in diagnostics, providing easier troubleshooting and better application control
» Can be provided as hardware-only solution for DSP-intensive applications
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