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Media Server (10)

MEDIA & DSP Processing Blades : PCI Type

This standard height, full length PCI Express telecommunications card is a comprehensive media processing solution. Up to 8 X E1/T1 interfaces on a single PCIe board affording hight capacity without the need for an external interface card or external transcoder. SURFAce812 delivers data, voice and video processing as well as transcoding and ISDN PRI signaling all on a single board.
Addressing the need for a cost-effective multimedia solution that combines media processing and signaling on a single board, SURFAce-812 is ideal for communication systems and value added services that use PSTN connectivity. Moreover, vendors can also deliver NGN services for IP based networks using the same card and the same interfaces. Therfore, you need only invest once to receive a solution that can address your current needs as well as those of tomorrow.
Telecomnunication system integratrs and vendors, value added service providers and application developers can now take advantage of a cost-effective, feature-rich multimedia communication solution.

Target Applications

» Media Server(MRF)
» Media Gateway
» Session Border Controller(SBC)
» 3G to IP Video Gateway
» iPBX
» Voice/Video Conferencing
» Mobile Value Added Services(VAS) : Mobile TV, Mobile VOD, Video calling, Ringback tones
» Secure voice applications utilizing SRTP or V.150.1 and secure voice gateways
» ISDN/PRI signaling - interoperable with any operator network
» Multimedia processing and PSTN access on the same slot
» Video-transcoding/transrating from any to any codec including support for H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, WMV9/VC1 and more!
» Video conferencing
» Video enhancement-scrolling text overlay with any-language support; bitmap insertion for ad injection.
» Voice-TDM to IP gateway / narrow & wideband IP to IP transcoding
» Data-fax and modem
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