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Orion HMP

Video conferencing platform, Orion HMP

Video conferencing has become an integral part of day-to-day and business communications. As the era of NFV/SDN severs and WebRTC technology begins, successful deployment will be dependent on the ability to bridge modern and legacy networks, codecs and standards.
A revolution in multimedia communications and video conferencing, ORION-HMP is a video conferencing platform providing unmatched codec interoperability and call quality for all devices; regardless of network, signaling protocols or bandwidth, in addition to many other features and advantages.
ORION-HMP includes advanced, high-quality encoding/decoding capabilities, enabling frame rates of 60 FPS (and even 120 FPS in certain scenarios). Resolution reaches 4K and full HD, while VGA and CIF are available for bandwidth restricted connection.
In addition, ORION-HMP overcomes low bandwidth connections via Bit-Rate and Resolution adaptation mechanisms, maintaining a high-quality experience for all users. And by dint of its unique GPU processing, it provides ultra-low processing latency (<30mSec).
The ORION-HMP capabilities don’t come at the expense of quantity. Rather, ORION-HMP leverages the GPU of any COTS INTEL server to exponentially increase concurrent conferences per server and participants count per conference. That’s a dramatic increase in service sizing and at the same time a dramatic decrease in Operating Expenses, as well as cutting ongoing energy consumption by up to 90%!
ORION-HMP is available either completely virtual, or preloaded on a NUC server.
» Core Network Equipment :
A low-cost/low-power mobile i5 processor consumes 15 Watts, yet achieves better video transcoding performance than a 20 core Xeon processor consuming over 100 Watt.
SURF video processing is done on the GPU of any Intel COTS processor - even Core mobile models
» Client-Side Installation - A Historical Problem
Conference invitations are now just a link sent by mail, which once opened, starts the meeting with no installation required
SURF, in cooperation with Intel's WebRTC video codec support, enables operators to overcome what once was the biggest barrier to mass deployment of video conferencing
» Interoperability - Built-in Solution
There is still a need to interoperate with Legacy SIP/H.323 video conferencing equipment and protocols
SURF offers built-in interoperability with SIP & H.323 signaling, in addition to accommodating all video and voice codecs.
» Modern Codecs - HEVC/H.265 and VP9
Software implementations - without the use of a GPU - are only good for demos
SURF provides the only scalable and cost effective option for supporting and iplementing H.265 and VP9 codecs on a GPU accelerated server.
» 4K/1080p - Breaking Old Boundaries
The use of GPU accelerated servers enables ORION-HMP to exceed 4K/1080p resolutions
SURF provides the highest quality multi-party video conferencing, complete with the industry's lowest achieved latency.
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