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Network Packet Broker, Level II

The NPB-II meets the requirements of mid-level to high-level networks that include 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G links in a powerful small form factor chassis. It performs aggregation, replication, filtering, stacking and load balancing that enable and optimize the benefits of cyber security and monitoring tools and is an ideal solution for deployments that require a large number of links with affordable upgrade options starting from 10G all the way up to 100G within the same appliance. It supports 32 x 40G/100G ports that can each break out to 4 x 10G/25G ports, resulting in a total of 128 x 10G/25G ports. The appliance is based on superior hardware, performance, scalability and reliability, without hidden costs such as port licenses nor proprietary transceivers, resulting in the best packet broker in the market at an affordable price and compelling TCO.
≫ High density and compact 1RU form factor that saves rack space, power consumption and cooling
≫ 32(QSFP28) x 40G/100G or 128 x 10G/ 25G
≫ Each QSFP28 can breakout to 4 x 10G/25G
≫ Cost effective data center ready platform
≫ High end platform with superior reliability, redundancy, modularity and scalability
≫ Aggregation, filtering and advanced features
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