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VideoMost(R) IM

VideoMost Instant Messenger

VideoMost IM - complete mobile instant messaging solution for service providers

People now are communicating more than ever and spending the majority of their time in messaging applications. To stay relevant service providers should be able to offer their subscribers a service that enable quick problem solving, information sharing and sending files in real time.

VideoMost IM is a complete set of source code, from UI to backend, that quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in every mobile app. Licensees may modify the IM source code and include it into products/apps. VideoMost IM is not a cloud service, the license includes source code for the backend as well.
≫ HD voice and video quality
≫ 16 participants on screen
≫ 250 interactive video streams in a conference
≫ 1000 concurrent interactive video streams on a $4000 PC server
≫ Video broadcast to 1500 people
≫ Android and iOS mobile clients
≫ Collaboration and moderation tools
≫ Signaling and transport
≫ Video conferencing under your brand
≫ Premium voice and video quality and performance on any device on WiFi/3G/WiMax/LTE
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