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Video Conferencing (3)
VideoMost(R) Server

VideoMost Server for HD video conferences in LAN

VideoMost is scalable software server that supports up to 1,000 concurrent video ports per 1 generic $2K PC server and enables up to 100 interactive video participants in a conference room.

VideoMost automatically and dynamically adjusts video quality to available network conditions and CPU utilization throughout a conference session based on the capabilities of each endpoint device.

All participants of VideoMost-based video conference benefit from the full potential of their devices and IP channel bandwidth and get natural, face-to-face communication without broken images, delays and interruptions.
≫ Android and iOS clients
≫ HD voice and video quality on any device on WiFi/3G/WiMax/LTE
≫ Sophisticated video quality adaptation to network impairments
≫ Scalable media server
≫ Up to 100 interactive video participants in a videoconference
≫ Load balancing (to handle thousands of simultaneous videoconferences)
≫ Signaling (XMPP, SIP, H.323)
≫ Supports UDP, TCP, HTTP as media transport
≫ Content sharing
≫ Call Manager API ? API for real-time conferencing
≫ XML RPC API? conference / user lifecycle (schedule a videoconference, create user, etc.)
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