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XDS560v2 LC Traveler-702597

XDS560v2 LC Traveler USB JTAG Emulator

The XDS560v2 LC Traveler is the most cost-efficient version of XDS560 class high performance emulators for Texas Instruments processors.
It is ideally suited for large software projects and extensive data visualization, for example image processing applications.
The XDS560v2 connects to the host PC via USB2.0. Power is supplied via USB.
≫ USB 2.0 high-speed host interface
≫ USB bus-powered, no external power supply required
≫ Supported by Code Composer Studio, version 4.2 and higher
≫ Supports all current DSP, ARM, Stellaris, DaVinci and OMAP processors
≫ 1.2 to 4.1V target IO voltage
≫ ETB trace buffer support on compatible devices
≫ USB cable
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≫ 702597 XDS560v2 Emulator
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