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Texas Instruments TMS320C6747 DSP Board

The D.Module2.C6747 is based on the Texas Instruments processor TMS320C6747. It is characterized by low power requirements and a broad range of data acquisition and communication interfaces. The D.Module2.C6657 is a perfect choice for industrial control and measurement. The large number of serial McASP channels for example facilitates building multi-channel, high resolution, synchronously sampled data acquisition systems, as used in vibration monitoring and analysis. A host PC can be connected via USB or Ethernet.
≫ DSP - TMS320C6747 300, 375, or 456 MHz floating-point DSP, 2400, 3000, or 3648 MMACS
≫ Memory (DSP-internal) - 32K bytes data cache, 32K bytes program cache, 256K bytes direct mapped or level-2 cache, 128K bytes shared RAM
≫ Memory (SDRAM) - 64M bytes, 133 MHz operation, 32-bit wide, 512M bytes/s peak throughput
≫ Memory (Flash) - 8M bytes NOR with SPI interface, sector architecture, optional NAND Flash, SD/Multi-Media-Card Interface
≫ Ethernet (100Base-Tx, 10Base-T onboard) - PHY and magnetics with integrated 2-port switch, 100Base-Fx Fiber support with external transceiver
≫ USB (2) - USB2.0 OTG (480 Mbit/s) and USB1.1 Host (12 MBit/s)
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