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Motion HMP

A comprehensive multimedia app development platform, Motion?HMP

Motion HMP is a real time software HD multimedia server available on premise or in the cloud, with built in support for WebRTC, SIP, RTSP, and H.323, and supporting 4K HD Video resolutions.
Motion enables developers to quickly create powerful and scalable voice and video applications speeding up time to market by providing a simple and accessible REST API supported through any programming language.
Motion comes equipped with all the tools needed to create great apps, including internal resource manager, WebRTC, RTSP, SIP/H.323 support and SIP register.

The SURF Motion™ Open Media Platform is a flexible and integrated solution for building multimedia applications and services. With SURF Motion™, OEM, system integrators and VAS providers can rapidly develop interactive multimedia applications and deliver them to circuit switched or IP networks. With inherent support of video over IP and 3G-324M over TDM or IP, SURF Motion™ provides real time, hight density, best quality voice and video transcoding!
Build for applications to support IP<->, IP<->TDM or a TDM <-> TDM solutions.
With the SURF Motion™ Media Platform yo can:

Creat multimedia appliances!

Launch interactive video services!

Target Applications

» Media Server(MRF)
» Color Ring Back Tones
» Video Conferencing System
» Video Portal
» Devotional Video Feeds
» E-Learning
» Personalized Ad Insertion
» Video Blogs
» VOD and Live Streaming
» Video Survaliance
» Video Server
» Video Contact Center
» TeleMedicine
» Video Dating
» Real Time Transcoder
» Video Voice Mail and many others
» Open interface
A simple and powerful text based interface.
» Simple control
The open interface allows to concentrate on the application logic instead of integrating hardware and software.
» Fully Integrated
Ready to go integrated hardware, software and networking bundle.
» Flexibility
Create the solution in the development environment of your choice.
» Hardwre choices
Choose different hardware form factors while writing your application once.
» Performance
Providing high performance is critical for real time applications, Motion™ provides this capability by providing all media handling through SURF's high performance software running on high performance DSP's.
» Faster time to market
Providing customers a simple, yet robust solution allows to meet changing market conditions.
» Protocol complexity abstration
Transparent support for standard protocols such as ISDN and SIP.
» Integration
Allow unlimited boundaries when integrating with 3rd party components such as databases or external web services.
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