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A Media Server for Every Application, Surf-HMP

Surf HMP enabling ultra HD video, voice and signal processing. It can be embedded on-premise, in the Cloud, or in an NFV infrastructure. Surf HMP boosts the ROI of service providers and integrators seeking next-gen multimedia capabilities with ultra-high resolution processing.

From room systems to cell phones, through legacy or NG technologies, the demand for real time, interactive multimedia processing applications and solutions is exponentially increasing on a daily basis.
Alongside with those changes, the fierce competitive landscape of telecommunications service provisioning recently propelled a drastic modification of previously known business models, where operators begun searching for substantial game-changers in the operational costs bottom-line of their balance sheets.
The most dramatic impact of this change brought-about a conceptual shift in network architecture, where operators begun moving away from dedicated hardware network equipment towards uniform processing engines running s/w-based services, thus effectively launching the Network Function Virtualization(NFV) and Software Defined Network(SDN) revolutions.
As part of these changes, operators look not only to create unified server farms which radically reduce maintenance and support costs of a single appliance model, but also demand their solution suppliers to join the program and bring to them s/w applications they can run on their server farms, whether deployed within the physical network or on th public cloud.
SURF anticipated the need for a comprehensive platform that would accommodate the individual needs of heterogeneous audiences, boosting-up the ROI of those Service Providers and integrators seekingcomprehensive NG multimedia capabilities alognside with ultra-high resolution processing.
SURF-HMP™ utilizes COTS Intel processors, helping customers realize the NFV/SDN model of a complete separation between the telecom processing platform and the processing hardware.
» High Quality Video & Voice
High-performance voice and video transcoding between a wide array of codecs, frame rates, resolutions and bit rates
Up-to 4K resolutions on standard, COTS processor
Manipulation capabilities include Logo Insertion, dynamic text overlay scrolling, any language support, video on video
Multimedia streaming for packet networks
Multimedia recording, saving and playback of various file formats
Video on Demand for store or live content
» Multimedia Conferencing
Hight Definition(HD) Video & Voice conferencing with real-time mixing and delivery capabilities
Individual video characteristics per participant
» Multimedia Content
Receive and transmit a wide variety of multimedia content types - analog, files, MP2TS
» Multi Network Service Availability
Connectivity to the IP network, with support for SIP Signaling and RTP/RTCP
Connectivity to TDM Mobile networks and to TDM networks supporting PRI
Supports MP2TS for satellite, cable and live-TV streaming
» Simplicity in building Applications
Separate Media and Signaling Layers allows the flexibility to choose Media, Signaling or both - also on license level
» Monitoring and billing
HMP reporting capabilities provide comprehensive system performance statistics and control information
SURF HMP generates Event Detail Records(EDRs) for use by billing systems
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