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SurfSight Core

Breaking the boundaries of video surveillance, SurfSight Core

SurfSight Core allows secure clientless distribution of multiple video feeds to remote destinations in real-time, without exposing access to the surveillance network. It also allows remote viewers to contribute feeds to the network securely from any mobile device.
» Cameras connect IP or analog cameras directly.
» ONVIF Support for easy connection.
» Resolutions & Codecs up to 1080p over H.264 or H.265 with automatic transcoding, as needed.
» Live Streaming stream feeds from a single camera or create a mosaic of cameras.
» Traffic Shaping on the fly video adaptation to overcome unstable mobile conditions.
» Transport support for RTP/RTSP, SIP and WebRTC transport of video broadcasts from Edge to Core.
» Low Latency less then 200ms over LTE.
» Recording local recording and storage.
» Cyber Security authentication and SRTP support.
» Computer Vision alarm-based detection of objects with automatic bandwidth prioritization.
» Flexible Deployments available in rugged and indoor models.
» Bandwidth Savings up to 90% savings with smart computer vision transport and H.265.
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